June 24, 2019
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The Islamic Academy Philosophies


To provide a merit of academic, moral and social excellence in an Islamic Environment that creates a pillar of lifelong achievement and success in our children.


The aim of the Islamic Academy curriculum is to provide an academically rich education. The addition of religion will meet the needs of individual students. Each year the principal and faculty will engage in evaluation of programs and materials in order to improve the quality of learning. In addition, each school year an Academic Expectations Night will provide parents with a parent meeting at which teachers meet with parents to explain the curriculum at a particular grade level. Every effort is made to involve parents in their child's education.


The purpose of school rules, along with the other elements of our total program, is to create an Islamic atmosphere and attitude of consideration and concern for others. All regulations of our school are formulated toward this end and are either directly or indirectly related to attaining this goal. Our school considers a student’s registration as a contract among parents, students, and faculty that the rules of the school will be observed. In the interest of all the students, teachers must take measures to safeguard the rights of others and to develop as real Muslims and wholesome American citizens. Consequently, students who refuse to apply themselves to work, fail in a substantial number of incidences to comply with teacher’s directions and/or repeatedly show ill-will and total disregard for education and the rights of others will be suspended from class or expelled for whatever period of time is deemed necessary.


Religious education is provided to all students. All students will attend the daily Dhuhr (afternoon) prayer using proper behavior at all times. The Qur’an / Arabic and Islamic Studies classes are mandatory for all students. Parents are the first teachers of their children, especially in the ways of faith. Parents are expected to reinforce the tenets of Islam.  All students are required to stay for Friday prayer as part of the school day.  If they leave prior to the prayer, they will be counted ½ day absent.